The Mirrors and the Windshield: Looking Back at 2015 and Forward to 2016

The Mirrors and the Windshield: Looking Back at 2015 and Forward to 2016

circle-of-successIn 2015, Expediter Services continued to build upon our business model of expanding service and opportunity based upon input from YOU. We also strive to look at the road ahead to successfully navigate ever-changing market conditions.

Our growth is directly related to the success of the Contractors, Owner Operators and Fleet Owners who utilize our programs and services. It is our sincerest desire to grow in order to support your efforts and provide you with the tools and opportunities for success.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you throughout 2016 and beyond.

Please scroll down to check the Mirror to see what was accomplished in 2015 and to look through the Windshield to see what we have in store for 2016 with your support!



Cindy Sutton: Building Back-Office Support

Announcement Date : Sep 13 , 2015
team-cindy-suttonES brought Cindy Sutton on board to help build and expand back-office accounting services. She worked with (Contract Drivers, Owner Operators and Fleet Owners), running a test program to customize services for this market. Once the program is in place, we will begin offering services such as financial reports, business analytical reports and more. This new level of service will give each Contractor who chooses to participate, the ability to know how their business is operating on a monthly basis. We’re looking forward to offering this broader level of support to help your business grow and succeed.

Danny Vernon Named New Truck Sales Manager

Announcement Date : Sep 12 , 2015
danny-vernonDanny Vernon took the reins as our NEW Truck Sales Manager. Danny brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new position as Truck Sales Manager. es-trucksales-72He has over twenty-five years of experience in vehicle/equipment management and sales. His resume also includes hands-on knowledge of internet sales and finance. Please contact him at, or call at 1-877-349-9303, ext. 120. He’ll be happy to help you find the right truck for your application.

The Spring EGG/The EGG at the Expo

Announcement Date : Sep 11 , 2015
EGG-Expediters Group GatheringLast year’s spring EGG (Expediter Group Gathering) proved to be another good EGG, with the focus being on truck sales. Expediter Services was privileged to provide opportunities to help drivers to become owners, owners to become fleet owners and fleet owners to grow their fleets. And a number of participants were able to make their dreams of truck ownership come true!

We want to thank everyone for being a part of our Spring EGG. We’re truly thankful for the relationships we establish during these Expediter Group Gatherings, and always welcome your input on how we can help serve you better.

And remember, you don’t have to wait for the next EGG to make your dream of truck ownership a reality. This is what we do every day.

Call Danny Vernon, Expediter Truck Sales at 877.349.9303, ext. 120

The EGG at the Expo

Expo2015 logoThe Expediter Expo featured ES’s second EGG of the year (it was also our second EGG in a row at the Expo). This EGG event was a sit-down dinner that gave us the opportunity to welcome those we know, and to get to know those we don’t. Thanks to everyone who attended, making this EGG a success!

LOVE’S Rewards

Announcement Date : Sep 10 , 2015
loves_card_big_headerExpediter Services introduced the NEW rewards program negotiated with Love’s to provide Owners and Contractors the absolute cheapest fuel prices in the industry; along with some extra benefits to help make life on the road more comfortable.

The Love’s Rewards program took a year of negotiating and planning in order to achieve the level of benefits desired by Expediter Services. “Our goal here is to make sure our Contractors actually get the best and greatest advantages in the industry. Always, the Best of the Best!“, said Paul Williams, Expediter Services CEO.

Williams continues, “Love’s Rewards recipients can begin signing up as early as August 15th, 2015. The program was developed to run continuously and it will be monitored and updated quarterly. Our intention is for all of our participants to have access to the Road Best Traveled.”

ES Launched the MBA: Much Better Alternative to Finance a Truck

Announcement Date : Sep 10 , 2015
The MBA is a Much Better Alternative to the old approach of traditional finance options. Expediter Services/Expediter Equipment Finance offers a true Path to Ownership that takes a number of non-traditional factors into account that other lenders simply don’t or cannot consider, including the following factors: We take your work history and productivity into account when it comes to financing a truck; we welcome first-time buyers; we welcome non-homeowners; we have market competitive rates that apply to the entire spectrum of loan applicants.

ES also does something that no other lender does by offering proven support programs to help owners be more successful, like Expediter Management Services Owner Operator Program. This level of support includes the lowest true fuel costs in the industry, aggressive fleet insurance rates to individuals, exclusive freight history information, industry leading operational support and back office support.

There are many people out there who have come through the “school of hard knocks”. We encourage you to put your past experience to work, and enter Expediter Services’ Path to Ownership (PTO) program to get your MBA (Much Better Alternative). For more information, contact our team today at 877.349.9303 to enroll.

Cascadias Were Moving Fast!

Announcement Date : Sep 10 , 2015
Expediter Truck Sales continued to offer the best truck value in the industry. If you are looking for a great opportunity to own your own truck, ES’s inventory of 2013 Cascadias from our very own fleet truly continued to represent a great value. These low mileage units are well maintained, and many still carried the remaining factory warranties. Without a doubt, these Class 8 trucks represent the best value in the industry for anyone who is looking to upgrade, build a fleet or start your their own Expediting business.

es-equipfinanceAnd if you need financing for your new truck, Expediter Equipment Finance can help.

Contact Danny Vernon Expediter Truck Sales Manager for details at 1-877-349-9303, ext. 120.

New Models. New Opportunities.

Announcement Date : Sep 9 , 2015
white-cascadiaExpediter Services once again expanded its truck inventory with NEW Custom Reefers and Dry units coming on line now. Es’s investment is meant to give our Contractors the best equipment in the country. The new refrigerated units feature the latest technology, including computer tracking & monitoring. Both dry and reefer trucks meet the new EPA standards.

Expanding Offices: Investing in You and the Future

Announcement Date : Sep 9 , 2015
ES-exterior-500In order to maintain and improve upon existing services and to bring new services into the market, Expediter Services is expanding its facilities and staff to meet this challenge. We are also investing in You and your success for the future.

Plans are already underway as we are in the process of preparing architectural designs and pulling permits for the expansion. The process of building should take place soon and we anticipate that once construction begins, the new facilities should be completed in 90 to 120 days.

blueprintExpediter Services’ commitment to expanding our facilities and services is directly attributed to the hard work, growth and success of Your efforts as Contractors, Owner Operators and Fleet Owners. We are looking forward to helping provide an even higher level of service as we grow together.

The Egg Nog Express

Announcement Date : Sep 8 , 2015
eggnoggexp-smES launched the Egg Nogg Express to spread the Holiday cheer! Everyone from Contractors, Owner Operators, Fleet Owners and friends were invited to our offices to drink homemade gourmet egg nog, and even check out our inventory of trucks. Thanks to everyone who dropped by!


Spring EGG

Announcement Date : Jan 10 , 2016
EGG-Expediter Group GatheringES will host it’s third annual EGG (Expediter Group Gathering) April 15th & 16th at the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi — just a few short blocks from our home office. The focus of this upcoming EGG will be getting to know each other on a personal basis and truck sales. Space is limited, so please make contact Kim Williams to reserve your spot. More information will be posted on our website soon. We look forward to seeing you here!

Expedite Expo

Announcement Date : Jan 9 , 2016
Expo2015 logoThe Annual Expedite Expo will meet in its new digs in Lexington, Kentucky, July 15th & 16th. Expediter Services will be well represented with booth space, knowledgeable ES Truck Sales people, Finance experts and Fleet Managers to help you grow. We look forward to meeting all Contractors, Owner Operators and Fleet Owners! Learn more here.

Taking Back-Office Support to a New Level

Announcement Date : Jan 8 , 2016
support2Cindy Sutton, Accountant for the Owner Operator Business Services program, is already making a difference in the way Contractors analyze, streamline and manage their businesses in order to maximize profits. ES Business Analysis Support can help you in these five key areas:

  1. Location Analysis: Helps owners(fleet owners) to see the ratio of which location is used the most when fueling. Owners can use this tool to make sure their drivers are fueling at the correct locations and to help maximize their fuel discounts.
  2. R&M Analysis: Helps owners determine the amount of maintenance cost to help determine if it’s time to upgrade to a newer unit.
  3. Loaded Miles Analysis: Helps owners to compare current years loaded miles against previous years loaded miles. For fleet owners, this analysis also shows what percentage that each truck has contributed to total of miles.
  4. Discount Analysis: Allows owners to see the amount of discounts received by being a part of our program. FYI — in 2015, one owner booked almost $30,000 in discounts. This money contributed directly to their bottom line!
  5. Deadhead Miles Analysis: Shows total miles driven, total loaded miles, total approved deadhead miles, and total unapproved deadhead miles.

In addition, Expediter Business Analysis can: Generate Income Statements with ratios, allowing owners to see how revenue and expenses are trending; provide a Key Performance Indicator Dashboard; Fuel Analysis, and much, much more!!  Please let us know if we can help you maximize your earning potential. Contact Cindy Sutton or call 1-877-349-9303, ext. 122.

IT Upgrades are On-The-Way

Announcement Date : Jan 7 , 2016
supportExpediter Services has been diligently working on major IT upgrades for over a year. Once in place, these upgrades will provide easier access for Contractors when it comes to Fuel Purchasing and Routing. In addition, support via our website portal will better support access to Financial Reports, Income Statements and Analytical Reports, making the process much easier and thorough. These services will be coming online soon. In the meantime, if you need support, please contact Cindy Sutton or call 1-877-349-9303, ext. 122. We appreciate you patience as we work to upgrade these important systems and services.

New After Hours Service from TA & Petro

Announcement Date : Jan 6 , 2016
TA-PETROFor your convenience Expediter Services has made arrangements with the TA and Petro to get your truck services done after hours. Any oil change, tractor lube, DOT, and APU PM can be done between the hours of 5pm-8am, Monday through Friday and 24-hours on weekends. This allows you to get your truck serviced when it’s convenient for you.

When service is due Contractors can go to a TA or Petro service facility to arrange the service. If you have questions about the new After Hours service, contact Michael Gatewood, Manager Maintenance Department. Or call 877-349-9303 ext. 117.

Finalizing Plans for Expansion

Announcement Date : Jan 5 , 2016
constructionES is in the final stages of finalizing plans to expand our offices. Our new and larger offices will help us serve you better with expanded staff, floor space and enhanced maintenance capabilities. We anticipate breaking new ground in the first quarter!

Truck Sales

Announcement Date : Jan 4 , 2016
trucksales-volvoIn 2016, Expediter Truck Sales will continue to bolster its inventory with Custom Reefers & Custom Dry units from our own fleet. We will also continue to provide factory units to help Drivers become owners, Owners become Fleet Owners, and Fleet Owners grow their fleets.

es-trucksales-72In order to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, ES will enter into a beta test of the new Volvo 780 Class 8 straight truck. We’re looking forward to the year-long evaluation to determine how this unit performs rigorous Expediting duties compared to other trucks in our fleet. We’re also looking at testing the Kenworth T680 Class 8 straight truck. It’s important to note that ES continues to have an incredibly positive experience with the Freightliner Cascadia and will continue to utilize this truck as it has proven to be a tremendously successful platform. We are evaluating other makes of trucks in response to requests from customers, as we feel it’s important to be open to various options in the marketplace. Stay tuned, we’ll be sure to let you know how these trucks stacks up!

Contact Danny Vernon, Truck Sales Manager, to find a truck to fit your application. Or call Expediter Truck Sales at 877-349-9303, ext. 120.  And be sure to Visit Expediter Truck Sales at for our latest inventory.

In Conclusion:
We’re Just Getting Started!

Announcement Date : Jan 3 , 2016
As always, Expediter Services continues to seek out opportunities to help our Contractors, Owners, Fleet Owners and Carriers grow and be successful. We welcome your input . Please call us with suggestions and feedback at 877-349-9303. We look forward to serving you throughout 2016 and beyond!

Expediter Services is working for You!
Call us at 877.349.9303 and Never Stand Alone.

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