Truck Sales FAQs

What models does Expediter Truck Sales have to offer?
We currently have 2014 and 2015 Freightliner Cascadias available.  We have custom units available in both dry box and refrigerated.
Does Expediter Truck Sales take trades?
ETS does not take trades directly, but we can assist you in getting rid of your old unit.
Will the trucks have a warranty?
Each unit that Expediter Truck Sales currently has available will have some of the original warranty remaining.
Can I purchase extended warranties?
Yes.  There are several options that will be presented to you before you purchase a unit
Do we have to buy one of Expediter Truck Sales’ trucks?
What other types of trucks can we look at?
Expediter Equipment Finance will finance any class 8 equipment Straight Trucks and Tractors. (no medium duty)
If I want to look at a truck from another dealer what will I need to look for?
Expediter Equipment Finance will evaluate all units the same way when it comes time to finance:
•    Class 8
•    Spec’d to deliver good fuel economy and R&M
•    Mileage will need to be low enough to allow for the new owner to get good life out of it
Are there custom units to choose from?
Expediter Equipment Finance will finance custom units as long as they meet the same hurdles.  Expediter Truck Sales does have custom units for sale.  If you find one at a dealer, EEF will be glad to look at it with you.
Who do I need to speak to concerning a truck?
Danny Vernon   877-349-9303  ext. 120